Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good School Day

I was awaken this morning to Kate whose Jane’s assistant director in New Zealand. She’s here while Will is away (again). I thought I might have dreamt it because it was fairly early but apparently I did not. I went back to bed and finally woke up at 10:30 (yes I realize I’m a bum). I had a new granola that I was trying out and I have to say: it’s not that great. I guess I should just stick to what I love but whatever you gotta try something new sometimes. But that wasn’t the problem. For some reason, the orange juice made me nauseous this morning. It was not fun. I thought I was going to hurl, though I didn’t. I almost didn’t go swimming, it was so bad. But I was glad I did because I felt much better afterwards.

Before I went swimming, I stopped by the department and got a paper and a test back, both of which I did really well on. I was so relieved but the last couple papers I got back I didn’t do very well. Thankfully, that changed. But anyways, after I went swimming I ran into my friend G. Yeah, I can’t say his name is Xhosa so he just told me to call him G. It was nice seeing him since he is one of the only people on campus that talks to me. I know its weird to already have regrets but I do regret not getting involved with anything on campus but I know really it makes sense because I’m so far away from campus.

But on with my story, it was nice to talk to him and I got to talk to some other students, which was also nice. Mostly we talked about class, nothing too exciting, though one guy was asking me about my accent which totally give me away. I hate that sometimes but people are pretty friendly so I guess it’s fine.

Then I went to class which was fine. We talked about rural Jamaicans and their perceptions of body image which I found really interesting since I’m part Jamaican (my grandfather immigrated to America). Sad as this may sound, the article made me appreciate my body more because Jamaicans find plumpness attractive and associate thinness with meanness, selfish, etc. I just found that really interesting.

Then came my tut, which I actually really enjoy now. I used to hate it but I love it now. Today we talked about what we are attracted to which I liked. Most of us girls liked the same thing: tall, dark and handsome. I don’t know it was just a really interesting conversation. When it was my turn, the tutor embarrassed me since I was basically describing Loren and smiling to myself J Then the tutor starting asking about famous guys we were attracted to and Columbus Short and Taye Diggs came up and I kinda lost it. I love them!

After that was my other tut which rarely happens because no one comes. Today it was just me and G and since Joe called me, I actually got to leave early and not wait until five to be picked up. So I gave the tutor my email and left. I meant to work, I did. It just didn’t happen. I didn’t really get any work done. It’s that time of the semester when you’ve almost done. I have two papers and five finals and then I’m done, yet I’m finding motivating myself fairly difficult. Such is life. Look for more later!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Day Back with the Kids

I saw the kids today for the first time in two weeks. I had mixed emotions. I had enjoyed my break from them, yes because they are so exhausting, my own personal birth control but I did also miss their smiling faces and their almost innocence. So I came into it not knowing really what to expect. I came in earlier than I used to because normally by the time I get there, they are already working on homework if they have any. Today they were all eating and I got a chance to catch up with them and see how their breaks were. The responses I got were all very vague from “I slept” to “I ate” which I found strange but I’m learning not to question and just go with it. I was asked about my ring again today, if I was married etc. I’ve only been going there for the past two months (I think) you’d think they would have gotten the message at this point but apparently not.

Anyways, today I mostly helped my favourite, Liam because he apparently didn’t do some class work for whatever reason. He had to write six sentences about spring. I just helped with spelling but I was really impressed with his sentence stating that most animals are born in the spring. I just thought it was a very thoughtful sentence. After helping him, I listened to him read a few pages in his “reader” (that’s what they call books here or at least the ones that the children have to read). Then I went outside and watched the kids play for a bit before returning inside because the weather got cold today and it’s supposed to be summer!

Then I was coaked outside by Chloe because she wanted me to get some berries from the mulberry tree which of course was not a good idea because as soon as she asked me, a bunch of other kids also begged me to get them berries. So I got some one for each child and then sat down with Moo Moo who was being her crazy self as usual. She braided my hair and asked me if I was married (again) and when I replied that I wasn’t, she wanted to know why. So I asked the same question: are you married? She said no because she was small. Well, I’m small too I replied. Kids are crazy, asking a million and one questions.

I got cold again so I went inside and talked with Ester who had forgotten the African dress she was bringing for my mom. I had actually forgotten about it. She offered last Tuesday that she would bring in this dress that she’d only wore once for my mom. She said so that way everyday my mom wears it, I will think of her which I thought was so sweet. She promised to bring it on Friday. So this is just a little update on today, I know I’ve been bad lately about my blog, I will try to get back into the swing of doing it everyday like I used to. Peace