Sunday, August 9, 2009

2 Oceans Aquarium

Yesterday I went to the Two Oceans Aquarium and it was amazing. I felt like a little kid again. They had the usual stuff: jellyfish, starfish, sharks, sting rays, all sorts of fish and frogs. It was pretty cool. Adam and I took a taxi down to the waterfront where the aquarium was. I really don’t know how to describe besides the fact that it was gorgeous. They had this cool tank filled with clown fish and there was an area where you could go “inside” the tank and see all the fishes around you. Adam and I took some pictures of course. It was really cool. They also had this huge tank that arched over you and it was really cool to see a huge sea turtle swim right above you head, not to mention the sting rays and sharks. I took about 250 pictures total yesterday. I especially liked the jellyfish. They were pretty tiny in size but had really long tentacles. They were so graceful. I probably could have stared at them for hours.

We spent about an hour there and then wandered around the waterfront for a bit. I took some more pictures because you could see all of Table Mountain from the waterfront and the harbour was really pretty. We also saw some seals just chilling on a wooden platform. It was funny because I was just singing the song “Fly like an eagle” by Seal and then we saw some seals. They were hilarious. I took some video of them because one of them was just sleeping in the sun and then another one would come up and start making these crazy noises bothering the sleeping one and they’d just start talking to each other making lots of racket. It cracked me up. After that we wandered around some more and found this official South African flag shop, they had some really cool things but I was out of money, so I just looked and now I know exactly what I want to get.

We came home around dinner time and I made some pasta and green beans, which were tasty. Then I made brownies which were so good that they are currently gone and it hasn’t even been 24 hours since I made them. I really didn’t do much last night. Adam and Joe came over and we pretty much just chilled until we got tired. Not an exciting night but a good day nonetheless.

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