Monday, August 3, 2009

just what i needed

This post will be reflecting on yesterday. It was a good day as days goes, not too exciting but not obnoxiously boring either. I had granola and a banana for breakfast and then went on another run. It was good. I just ran to the track, did four loops, which hopefully is a mile and ran back. It was slow but it was 30 minutes which is longer than I’ve been running lately.

Last night Loren said he’d train with me for the half marathon in April. We’ll see if that happens. I would love that because he would probably get me into great shape if he doesn’t kill me first. The first time we ran together was three days after my first half marathon (next year’s will be the second). He almost killed me! We ran 2 miles in 16 minutes which was exhausted after 1) running the half and 2) not running in 3 days. Regardless it was great to run with him so training with him will be both amusing and painful. Amusing because he claims that he’s never run more than three miles. Painful because regardless of the pervious statement, he’s faster thus probably going to kill me. It’ll be interesting to say the least

After my run, I took the usual shower and had lunch. Yesterday’s consisted of grilled cheese, a carrot stick, an orange and eggs. The eggs because Jamie offered the rest of her eggs and I’m not one to turn down free food. Plus they were really good with cheese, tomatoes, and pepper. Delicious!

Once lunch was done, I needed something to do. So I convinced Amanda to walk with me to Rondebosch to go to an internet café. We ended up choosing Café Sofia. Yeah, free internet! You value that a lot more when you have to pay for it. But of course, you still have to buy something in order to get the internet. I ordered chai tea and cheesecake. The tea was great. Holly got me hooked on chai tea. I tried it with her once and loved it. I’m not even sure what’s in it. I just know it’s good. Sadly, they were out of cheesecake, so instead I got chocolate cake which I of course didn’t need, but I ran plus walked to café. Its not far but it’s not a hop, skip and a jump either. So we spent a couple hours there. I uploaded some pics to facebook from the first day at Kirstenbosch botanical gardens. Good times back when Andrea was program director. Not to slam Uncle Will as we’ve so fondly nicknamed him but Andrea felt like my mom. I could call her anytime and get help. But moving on, I mostly talked to Loren and didn’t exactly get work done. It was fun regardless.

By the time we got back, it was time to think about dinner. I wanted to go to church since I had yet to go since I’ve been here. I just can’t get myself up on the weekends. Yeah, there are 11am service yet I almost always seem to sleep later than that. But there are a lot of evening service. Originally I was going to go to 7pm service at the Rosebank Methodist church but then realized that it probably wasn’t a good idea to walk in the dark alone. So instead I called Adam because I there was a 6:30pm service he went to last Sunday. He was going so I joined him

But not before making dinner, I made Loren’s favourite: rice for the first time. It went pretty well. I must say though I was a bit rushed for time. I also made chicken and green beans. I made a legit meal that wasn’t just pasta and it was pretty good if I do say so myself.

I dressed up. Why I didn’t ask Adam about attire I do not know because walking in heels was not fun. It was especially awful on the way back. Never again. I should have known better honestly. But on the way there we ran into a few American students who were studying at UCT (university of cape town) for a semester. They wanted to find a service so they also joined us. It was cool listening to the things they’re doing and how their program is going compared to ours.

The service was as the title of this post suggested just what I needed. It just lifted my spirits and it was weird because usually I don’t like the contemporary style service. I’m used to Episcopal service. I know it so well. I know exactly what to expect. Contemporary services are always interesting because I never know exactly what to expect. But this one I really enjoyed. The singing was great and really enjoyed the sermon though really it was more of lecture. I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Now it actually lasted until 9 but there was a 15 minute break in between so I decided to make my getaway then because you never know, they could say 9 and then you’re sitting there until 10 wondering when it would end. So I decided to leave. Now Adam wanted to stay which was fine. The theatre were the service was held is pretty close to our house though in heels it seemed like forever. He told me something like I’ve catch up with you which of course would be easy while I stubbornly limb along in my heels.

But something interesting happened on the walk home. Adam never did show up by the way. But this guy walking in the same direction as me asked me if there was something wrong with my shoes. I said no, my feet just hurt. And then he just started talking to me, which was fine. I felt better walking with someone even though the street was fully lit.

He noticed my Bible and asked if I was Christian. I said yes and then he goes into this rant about the secret society that Obama and Bush are in, that don’t believe in God and all this stuff and then asks me my opinion about it. Now at this point I’m dumbfounded, thinking ok God must be testing me or something because wow, it was a complete surprise. I just told him the truth that I knew that some people don’t believe in God but I do, simply as that. Then he goes on to talk about Christianity as a institution has oppressed millions of people through slavery, etc. as if I wasn’t already aware. So what do I think about that? I’m never good at using my words especially if I’m put on the spot like that. So I say something like I’m aware of those things but I believe those in the past and that things are different now. As Mr. Holland would say way back in freshman year civics class: weak sauce. Oh, I don’t know I could’ve said something about how those people weren’t Christians and that I don’t support such things, etc. But no, as I said I was just at a loss of words.

Then he goes around and is like well I am a Christian and I just like to ask people questions. Now I’m really thinking ok this must be test. So he finally introduces himself as Espior. I don’t remember how to say it but he gave me his number so I know how to spell it. It’s French if you didn’t notice. And he’s apparently a graduate student at UCT. So yeah, I made a new friend. He wanted to get together and get coffee. I don’t know if that’ll happen but he seemed nice enough. If I do, I’ll definitely bring Adam along with him. Can’t be too careful. So yeah, that’s my story. It was interesting day.

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