Monday, August 24, 2009

Moving Mountains

Yesterday was awesome. Amanda, Joe, Andrew and I all climbed Table Mountain. It was the first time for Amanda, Joe, and I and it was rough. The path basically goes straight up but zigzags back and forth. It took us about an hour and half which was good considering how many times we had to stop and breath. I was still sore from Friday's hike and Saturday's surfing so it was definitely a struggle, but once I got into it, I couldn't really feel anything. I just kept telling myself "one step closer, one step closer." Plus it helped that Andrew was basically breezing through it like it was nothing. I always need someone to look up to (this time literally) so I know that if he can do it, so can I. It was a struggle but I was so glad I did it. It felt so amazing to finally get to the top but it was crazy how cold it was. It was really windy and even though the sun was shining right on us, we couldn't feel its warmth. Because of that, we didn't spend too much time at the top.

We walked around a bit just soaking in the beautiful sites. Unfortunately, because of the wind, we couldn't take the cable car back down. We also discovered that the restaurant at the top was closed because the cable car was closed. We did however have an encounter with a couple dassies, which I would describe as a cross between a big fat rat and a beaver. They were quite bold animals. At one point Andrew was trying to take a picture with one and as he leaned in, it bit him on the finger. I'm pretty sure I was more frightened than him because I screamed so loud but then of course I found it hilarious. Luckily, it didn't break the skin so Andrew should be alright.

Also while we were up there, Amanda and I both had brought snacks and were eating. Those dassies definitely walked towards us more than once. I can only assume to try to get food. I guess I might have been teasing one by eating PB & J right in front of one and it was just staring at me the entire time. Finally we got sick of being semi-chased by these overlarged rodents so we decided to make our way down.

The way back was a lot easier in terms of cardio. I only stopped once or twice. But going downhill is hard and uses a lot of muscles because you're walking with gravity and its harder to control. But we made it in record time. The whole trip up, plus hanging out on top, and going down took three hours. Of course all of us were aching and smelling but we decided to go to Cafe Gnesh in Obsevatory. Unfortunately, it was closed so after walking around a bit and being stopped by Dominique, we decided on Babo. Of course, Dominique was there with her boy, Jerome. We talked for a bit before getting seated and ordering food. I haven't had ginger ale in the longest time so I decided to treat myself with one. It was awesome and brought back memories of New Jersey and my grandparents. I ordered a plain cheese pizza which was kind of disappointing but it filled me up nonetheless. Then we walked home and I relished the thought of taking a hot shower after finishing my homework.

Side note: the night before Loren and I were talking and he asked me out on a phone date which was the cutest thing ever. So I get on Skype as usual and he does video chat and he's all dressed up button down shirt (a blue one at that) khakis, the whole nine yards. It was the best surprise ever. I loved it. Just had to mention that because my boyfriend is so awesome and it also should be noted that the post title is after one of his favorite songs by Usher. Ok, that's all for now. Peace y'all

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