Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's August already?!?!

Let’s recap on the last two days since I’ve been really bad and haven’t written since July. Yeah, first off I can’t believe it’s August. How did it sneak up on me so quickly?

I’ll go from last night til Friday because last night is freshest in my mind. Last night Amanda and I saw Harry Potter. Yeah, I know. It’s crazy that I waited this long to see it but when you’re in a foreign country ordinary things that you can do back home don’t exactly hold top priority but finally, after trying to figure out something to do that was cheap and didn’t involve staying up all night long, we settled on going to Cavendish to see the movie. Now Cavendish is a huge mall in Claremont. We actually walked there on Friday which was quite a distance. Thankfully we took a cab home that day. We did the same last night except we of course didn’t want to walk in the dark all the way to Cavendish. It’s a quick cab drive but a long walk.

On to the movie, it was very entertaining. I just loved the fact that I was seeing Harry Potter in South Africa. I especially enjoyed the commercials beforehand. As for the movie itself, as I said it was very entertaining. There were a lot of corny parts to me though. I kept wanting to laugh at some many points but no one else was laughing so I just kept my mouth shut. And I wasn’t particularly moved by Dumberdor’s death in the movie either. I don’t why. I guess the book just described it better and moved me. But in general, it was good and it made me very excited for the next two movies.

Before the movie, I really had been bored. Adam and I walked all the way to the Sportsman Warehouse in Rondebosch. It was quite a distance. I’ve walked quite a ways recently. Anyways, we walked there because I needed goggles to swim and since I found out how cheap swim caps were there I also got one of those. At my school, they were selling them for R80 which was at least R50 more than the warehouse. So yeah, school was making lots of profit off of that one. But I guess it really is all about convenience because I didn’t know anywhere else on campus to get them. Also as we were about to start our journey back to Mowbray. We decided to check out Hi-fi Corporation which reminded me of Best Buy, lots of electronics and I found a mic for about $20 so I got it because my mic has been giving me trouble.

I also went to Shoprite got lots of food. Hopefully enough to last me through the week. Oh and I checked my bank account and was surprised to see an additional $600 which I might add is the exact amount I think I need for my spring break trip to Kruger National Park. I asked my dad about it and was told that his college professor Dr. Cooly who my dad is still really close with has been meaning to give me graduation money for a while and finally gave it to my dad. He is definitely getting a thank you note. It is exactly what I needed. Its amazing how things sort of work themselves out.

I also ran yesterday which was nice because I didn’t get a chance to run on Friday. Hmm, I’m trying to think of exciting things I’ve done. There was no class for me on Friday so I mostly just chilled did some reading and then as I mentioned before I went with the girls to Cavendish. I didn’t buy anything but I did find some things I want to buy when I go back. I’m kinda hungry after running again today so I think I’m going to end here. Sorry, for whatever reason I’m very unmotivated to write. Til I write again…

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