Sunday, August 9, 2009

another interesting day in the cape

How the days seem to slip by without me noticing. It’s crazy. Anyways, today was interesting. It started with the roommates who were up until pass one waking up and making plenty of noise at 9:30am while I’m trying to catch up on the sleep I lost because of last night and Amanda running home because she got mugged. Yes, you read correctly she got mugged. Now I was in bed when she came in but I knew something awful happened because let’s face it, I can’t sleep if people are making noise. It sounded bad and despite me wanting so bad to go back sleep I roused myself up and got out of bed. Amanda was seating on the couch tearing eyed and it just made me feel awful. I’m never good in those situations. I mean, I’ve known her since she got her and we’re actually pretty close especially in comparison to the rest of the girls but I still never know what to do. It doesn’t matter if I’ve known you forever or rest a couple weeks I never know if I should go over and sit and comfort that way or just leave her some space. Despite that, I helped in anyway possible.

She had to call the police who of course didn’t answer (this is South Africa after all). Whatever number we got didn’t work and the new number was disconnected (go figure). So I offer to walk down to the police station with her since it’s literally a stone’s throw away from the house.

The police station seemed small inside in comparison to the big brick building you see from the outside and of course, there was chaos. Nothing seemed organized. There were people sitting waiting for something and a bunch of officers talking and doing whatever. We walk in and start talking to an officer and it’s difficult because there are so many people in there and it’s loud. But we fill a police report because our program director, Will told us to. We found out that they needed the serial number and a passport number so that they can search second hand shops for the camera that was stolen. Luckily Amanda’s parents had that information, we just needed to give them a call. We leave after what seems like ages to wait for Uncle Will to come to rescue. Really I feel like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, which I mean is in good reason because he is brand new to this country. I just feel a little less safe with him than I felt with Andrea. But Andrea and Kevin are on vacation right now so even if they wanted to help they really couldn’t.

Will shows up and I’m surprised to see him without his usual suit and vest combo. He’s dressed up as always yet dressed down because he’s only wearing a sweater and a nice pair of slacks and oddly has a New York jacket over it. Anyways, the phone that was stolen was easily replacable because Will has tons of extra so that was easy. The problem came with the keys. Amanda’s room is locked so she can’t get in so Will brought over all the keys that he had in his possession from Andrea.

This was an ordeal because we had to sort through all the keys because they weren’t labelled so we had no idea which key went were and there are six bedrooms, a gate and the house doors that all have keys. Needless to say, that took a while. Entirely too long actually. Will did call a locksmith but since it’s Sunday they really couldn’t do anything so Will tries calling our landlord, Terry whose a really nice guy. He was very concerned about Amanda which was very sweet. He suggested that we go the Pick n Pay because they usually have spare keys and our room keys are standard keys (I’m not sure if I feel safe knowing that…). Will decides he wants to sort out the rest of keys first before trying to the Pick n Pay which leaves Amanda and I sitting there wondering when we can go do something because we feel just leaving Will in the house and everyone else is going off somewhere else. Emily and Sam went to Stellenbosch and Jamie went to Muizenberg. So we’re stuck in the house with Will who seems to be taking his sweet time with the keys taking several smoke breaks.

To pass the time, I introduce Amanda to one of my favourite card games: Spit. Mary and I used to play it all the time. It’s a really fun game. It’s similar to Speed if any of you readers know how to play it, but it’s a two person game and it’s a lot of fun. We ended up playing twice (she won one and I won one) before we decided we’d had enough of waiting around and asked Will if we could just go to the Pick n Pay ourselves and try to get a spare key. Of course, this is when Will decides he’s done sorting the keys and comes with us. So we walk down to Rondesbosch to the Pick n Pay but unfortunately they didn’t have any keys. But we were told that there was a locksmith nearby so we of course check that out only to find that that too couldn’t help us because it was closed.

By this time all of us are starving but Will couldn’t really do anything else to help so we went our separate ways. Us back to the house and Will somewhere in Rondesbosch for lunch. My lunch was basic. I really didn’t want to spend any money today since lately it seems like I’m spending it like crazy. So I just had PB and J, a carrot, an orange and a granola bar. I love the peanut butter here. I just buy the store brand but they have crunchy peanut butter (my favourite) and it is so sweet. It’s really like having dessert. I’m sure it’s really bad for me but I love it.

After lunch, we just chill because while we wanted to climb Table Mountain that takes several hours and by the time we finished lunch there wasn’t enough time to get up the mountain and down before dark. So we were pretty much stuck in the house again, at least this time without Will. I realize I sound like I’m not a fan of Will which is semi-true. But it’s just he seems too much like a parent and I’ve gotten used to not being around mine. Plus he really is not organized and today we found out that he’s leaving for a couple weeks. Are you kidding me? We lose our first director and our second one is leaving. He’s coming back but he said that he had some family things to take care of. So a woman from New Zealand is coming up. It’s just a bit annoying to have three different director in the span of about two months which is about half the time that I’ll be here. Chaos!

The rest of day was chill. We pretty much just hung out at the house. Amanda called her parents and told them and they didn’t seem to freak out too much which was good. Then Joe came over and tried to pick Amanda’s lock which was amusing. It would have been amazing if it would’ve worked but it didn’t. So we were still stuck at the house. We resolved to watch a movie: Almost Famous. It’s really entertaining. It’s about this baby-faced kid who loves rock n rock and wants to be a journalist so he goes on tour with this band Stillwater and writes about them. I just love it because the kid is so awkward and cute.

After the movie was over, I finally had dinner: pasta and string beans again which was fine. It’s simple and quick. Joe left and Amanda and I decided to make another batch of brownies since the last ones were so good. Last night I used one of the ovens that we used before to make my birthday cake but for some reason it cooks unevenly. So we decided to use the other oven. Mistake. The brownies took much longer than last time and they ended up being a bit overcooked. They were still good but a little too crunchy. While we were devouring almost the entire pan of brownies, we watched Death at a Funeral, which if you haven’t seen is hilarious. I highly recommend it. So that was pretty much my day, just chilling in the house with Amanda since all the girls are spending the night in their respective cities. It was nice though having the entire house to ourselves. Plus I know I can go to sleep tonight without having to worry about them coming home late tonight making noise. I realize I sound like an old lady when I says things like this but I just really like my sleep and if I could sleep with people making noise it would be fine but I can never seem to. Trust me, I’ve tried. Ok, that’s it. I’m done complaining. I’m glad to be in a beautiful city, living in a beautiful house and enjoying the many things South Africa has to offer. It’s bedtime. Night y’all

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