Friday, July 24, 2009

Bday- South Africa style

Today’s my birthday which means I’m as Holly said “old as fuck” which is true. I’m no longer a teenager. How did that happen? But whatever, I refuse to become one of those women who doesn’t tell her age. I’m 20, so what? I don’t feel any different. I’m just apparently a year older. Being in a different country doesn’t really change anything either besides the fact that I can drink, if I so choose and I’m with people who haven’t known me for very long, which is a little weird. But today has been fun. Joe, Adam and I went surfing, which for me was my second time. I improved about 150%, which made surfing a lot more enjoyable. Not that it wasn’t enjoyable before, but it was just a great feeling to get up on the board after trying many times and for me, after my first lesson wasn’t too successful.

We ended up getting lessons at the place which was more expensive because the first place, the lifestyle store had all its trainers busy. That pretty much sucked because I ended up paying a lot more for lessons than I wanted to. But the guy, Elfonzo was really nice. It was definitely interesting seeing the differences between the two trainers. I liked Clint because he broke it down in several steps but it was also harder that way because I had to think about each step and by the time I did the wave would be gone. But actually both trainers told me that I need to slow and I guess the second time around I just did. Also Elfonozo made us run a little and stretch which I didn’t have to do the first time. Not that I have anything against running, obviously I love it but it was just kinda weird running in tight wetsuits. Also Elfonzo pushed us on almost every wave and didn’t really talk about paddling, which for a first timer like Joe is very important. I just felt like Clint allowed us a lot more freedom to try it on our own. Either way both experiences were great and I definitely want to continue though probably not with the store we went to today, too expensive.

After surfing, we hopped the train back home where Joe changed since he forgot a change of clothes. So we went back to house and then walked to Rondebosch and had Chinese. It was delicious. I had spring rolls, vegetables and rice and beef in a black bean sauce. It was great and of course cheap. And I had wanted to go see Harry Potter tonight but honestly I spent way more than I wanted to today so I decided against it, plus I was exhausted from surfing so it was just another excuse to stay home and I’m really glad I did because I had a great time with Amanda and Joe.

First we decide that we want to watch a movie and rather than go and spend money we look through our roommates collections which I have to say have a great variety. We kinda picked a movie but not quite because we decided we wanted to make a cake because hello, its my birthday. What’s a birthday without cake? So we go to 7-11 because the Shoprite closes at six and by this time its around 8pm. So we go and of course, we immediantly find it difficult to find all the ingrediants for a cake. We managed to find a great recipe in the store on the back label of a thing of cocoa mix, which we found by tearing off the label (don’t worry we bought it). So we used that recipe to find whatever else we need for a cake and the store actually had every thing we needed except for one thing: vanilla. We decide to make the cake anyway, because what’s the joy in cooking without expertmenting? We walk back to our house and immedinatly have to figure how to covert the metric system into cup/teaspoons which is very annoying. For whatever reason our house only has cups/teaspoons nothing that tells you mL or grams like the recipe calls for. Thank God for internet because the cake would have probably been a complete disaster without us being able to convert everything.

Another problem we run into is the eggs for some reason the recipe calls for separting the whites and the yolk, which turns out to be a major pain. We actually have an egg separter in the house but really we probably would have better without because the yolk ended up falling in with the whites anyway. So at first we think we only need the whites so we throw the yolks away (I know, wasteful Nana would be so disappointed) but then we realized we need both, which cracks me because I’m like why in the world did we go through all that trouble of separating them if we’re using them both? So now we have a bunch of whites (plus a little yolk, not on purpose) and no yolks. I hate wasting and after wasting some yolk unnecessarily we decide to keep the whites and make French toast not tonight mind you tomorrow morning for breakfast (duh). We’ll see how that goes. So we basically just threw two whole eggs in the mix and call it a day. The whole process took way to long but you have understand. We’re dealing with lots of familiar things but in unfamiliar ways like the caramel frosting then really didn’t taste like carmel (it was still good). We just made a major mess and all the while, Joe is sitting on the couch watching the Office, not really helping and when I yell at him to help really he just gets in the way. But it was all in good fun and the cake, I might add, ended up tasting delicious, not really chocolately (Joe thought it tasted like carrot cake…) but it was good.

After finally sitting down to eat cake, we pick a movie called Lords of Dogtown which our roommate, Sam suggested. The beginning was good but it just got progressively weirder and more worthless and it was two hours longest two hours of my life. If you want to watch fine go for it but I’m really glad we didn’t pay for it because it isn’t worth your movie. So yeah that pretty much sums my night. At some point between deciding on a movie and going to 7-11 we did watch a couple episodes of the Office, which were hilarious so all in all, it was a good birthday. Now I need to get into my room before my roommate come home making extra noise. peace

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