Saturday, July 25, 2009

Boring Day, Interesting Night

Today was a really lazy day. I woke up at 12:30. It still throws me off. I never know what time it is until I check the time. I never think its as late as it actually is. But anyways, I woke up to a surprisingly quiet house. That’s probably why I didn’t think it was late because the house was quiet. I got up and got myself some cereal and yogurt and to see to my dismay all of the plates piled high in the sink uncleaned. I like my morning to be slow so as most of my roommates were getting ready to leave I was still deciding on whether or not I wanted to go running or just get dressed. I know if I don’t go running first thing after I have breakfast or after I get home from school, I don’t do. I told myself I might run later today but of course that didn’t happen. Instead I took a nice hot shower and got dressed. I still don’t have a key to the house so once my roommates are gone and I want to leave I’m pretty much have to stay out until one of them returns. So I went to the front house and Adam and I brainstormed on things to do for the day. We didn’t make much progress. I had called Joe earlier in the day and after finally getting a hold of him, I find out that he walked all the way to this mall that is probably 3-4 miles away just because he was bored by himself mind you. All I can say is only Joe because he does that sort of thing all the time which always keeps me laughing. So we decide to wait for Joe to get back to the house before we leave not that we’ve decided on anything to do but still. I try to get a hold of Dominique because I haven’t seen her in a while but it ends up being hard as usual with crappy signal when I do get her on the phone or someone else answering the phone that I don’t want to talk to. She was pretty much going to Babo where Jerome works to hang out, which I didn’t really want to do. I wanted to do something fun something different.

Adam and I end up walking to the Rondebosch “mall.” It’s not really a mall at all. It’s more like a bunch of banks, a grocery store and some restaurants, which was frustrating for me because I was thinking that I would finally be able to get a new mic because my mic right now is very moody. It has good days and bad days. Actually it’s more like sometimes it’ll work perfectly fine and other times it doesn’t. But we go into the Pick ‘n’ Pay which neither of us have ever been to and browse the aisle looking to see if it’s cheaper than the Shoprite. For the most part, we concluded that it was overprized. But I ended up getting some more pasta and vanilla so in case I wanted to make cake again, I could. I also got a great mango smoothie before we walked back to house. After that we didn’t really do much. I believe I made Adam watch an episode of Boondocks, the usher episode. It still cracks me up even though I’ve seen it dozens of times. Then Amanda came over and we decided to make French toast. It was delicious. I love how simple it is, just eggs, cinnamon, and bread. Adam also made some strawberry flavoured oatmeal which both Amanda and Adam found disgusting but I found tolerable so I mostly had that.

After that, we decide to go to the Baxter Theatre which is a theatre on UCT’s campus. It’s a beautiful building and it really is hard to believe that you’re in South Africa when you’re in it, especially since the clientel are mostly white and the servers are black. I kept on thinking “South Africa’s elite” and I’m pretty sure they were or at least well off compared to the rest of the population. Tickets were only 85 rand but there were only a couple of black people I saw not including Adam and myself which I found interesting. The musical was the first a cappella play in South Africa and the music was fantastic. If for nothing else, I would have seen it for the singing. All the singers were excellent and all the sound effects were made by them like rain was snapping and the helicopters were made by them too. It was really neat. I still haven’t decided on the plot. Right now, I’m thinking not so good on the plot. I don’t know I guess I’m just thinking internationally because lots of the jokes made would be only understood by South Africans. There was of course the universal subplot of love and the main theme on not destroying the planet. But I definitely would have found it more enjoyable had I understood all the jokes.

The play’s name was “Noah of Cape Town” and it was set in the year 2020. Most of world is covered in water and the people recount the story of this guy whom they called Noah and how he warned against the coming flood even though the world was experiencing massive water shortages. I guess because the plot was so familiar and not really done in an interesting way. I kinda found it flat. Like of course I always enjoy a good love story but that wasn’t even the main part of the play. But as I said before the music was phenomenal and at times it gave me chills.

When we got back, Zuri finally arrived. Zuri is another UCT who just arrived because her visa was delayed because she forgot to pay fees and the consulate never told her and then it just took forever for he to get it. On top of that, her flight was delayed and she had to change her flight several times because of the problem with the visa. I felt so bad for her but I’m happy she’s finally here. She’s also a soc major and goes to Spellman which is cool. It’s interesting because all of us all come from small schools and each of our schools UWC with 15,000 students and UCT with probably also twice that is definitely a culture shock. The UCT kids probably have it worse because their campus is huge and spread out over at least three different campuses. Ok that’s all on today. Good night all.

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